How to Get Your First Freelance Interview?

When professionals choose to work as freelancers, they have no specific freelance work or feedback/reference to give to companies who might hire them. Also, most new freelancers start out with poorly written resumes when applying for any available job, hoping that some outsourcing managers will be willing to risk their skills and at least have enough chances to offer an interview.

Over time, without outsourcing managers giving these freelancers interviews, they began to realize that potential employers would not even give a so-called professional who did not take the time to present themselves appropriately for an interview. With so many freelancers bidding on specific outsourcing opportunities, only the most polished presentations receive positive attention and interview invitations.

So if you are a new freelancer, take a day off from applying for outsourced jobs and start applying for outsourced interviews by improving your professional freelancer profile. Please note the following:

1. Write a catchy headline that fits on one line:

A good freelance title is a must because it’s the first thing outsourcing managers look for when reviewing a shortlist of candidates. When looking for people to talk to, companies tend to click on titles that sound interesting.

2. Know what you want to achieve:

The next big thing an outsourcing manager will read is your freelance goals. A good goal should consider the needs of the prospective company. Words like “proven experience,” “quality work,” and “on-time delivery” are all likely to catch the interviewer’s attention.

3. Show who you are:

If you’re a self-employed freelancer, it’s a good idea to show professional photos of yourself. Not an image you might use on a social networking site, but an image presented to you in a beautiful way. Companies are more likely to talk to people who have a good sense of themselves and are willing to take risks. A logo can also be a good option if you are part of a larger supplier team.

4. Test your skills as a freelancer:

Show buyers by testing your skills. Sites like o-Desk offer free certification tests, and if you want to take your freelance career to the next level, you can pay for each test on sites like Brain bench to learn more about job skills information.

5. Write down useful skills and experiences:

Sell ​​your work experience. You never know when a small skill or unique talent will set you apart and land you an interview.

6. Complete your freelance portfolio:

It takes time to assemble and organize a professional freelancer portfolio, but you’ll get twice as much if you get invited to an interview. If you feel you don’t have enough professional work to put together a portfolio, the first thing you should do is create some samples that demonstrate your freelance skills.

7. Look at your profile as a freelancer:

After completing your professional freelancer profile, take some time to review the design of your overall presentation. Balance design and content, blend form and function so outsourcing managers begin to understand how your capabilities fit their needs.

8. Ask for feedback:

The freelancer community is a great place to get helpful feedback (make sure to post your profile permalink so everyone can have a good look).

Your professional freelance profile is a great way to show outsourcing companies what you can and what skills you have. Because there are so many freelancers in this global market, remember that potential employers will only search your profile.

Think of your profile as a sales guide for potential clients to interview you so they can learn more about your skills. What should your brochure look like if you want to market yourself to this outsourcing company? What kind of information should it contain?

If you change the way you see yourself as a vendor and take the time to make your freelancer profile look professional. You’re just one rejection away from getting that first interview you keep missing.

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