Industries That Will Hire Freelance Writers

Freelance writers looking to grow their business will be pleased to hear that some industries are growing and hiring more in 2011. These fields require people who can write web content, texts, blogs, articles, newsletters and other things. You can use this opportunity to get your name and writing services.

Five types of companies hire freelance writers:

to travel. You may not think tourism is growing, but it is, and the baby boomers are to blame. This group never stops traveling. They have enough money to go anywhere they want and they love finding good deals. If you want to write about travel, now is a good time to start. If you have written about travel before, start by introducing your writing services to travel agencies and local tourist offices. You can find interesting ways to write about adventure travel, food and wine, and more.


The baby boomers are getting older and need more medical services, which will help the healthcare industry to grow. This means that the doctor’s office is getting bigger and will be moving to a new location. They need to promote their new (or improved) office, and freelance writers who can write copy and web content can help with that.

Nursing homes and places that help people to live independently:

Believe it or not, some baby boomers will move into nursing homes and assisted living facilities. More and more such systems are being built now and in the future. You need the help of freelance writers to promote these businesses.


The number of colleges and universities will not decrease. In fact, both private and public schools are hiring more teachers. When schools want to enroll students, they need help. Copies of brochures, newsletters, and websites can be written by freelance writers. Freelance writers interested in education use this field.

Employ and hire new people:

Many companies need help finding smart office workers as they will be hiring more employees. Staffing and recruitment firms help companies find the workers they need. Staffing and staffing agencies can use freelance writers to write copy for brochures, print and radio ads, and web content.

If you are a freelance writer looking to grow your business, you can benefit from growth in the above industries. If you want to make money as a freelance writer, get out of your comfort zone. Stop looking for low-paying typing jobs on some job boards and start getting into medium to large companies. Commit to only working with business-savvy clients who will pay for your writing. Sometimes you have to negotiate your rates, but you shouldn’t be looking for a job just for the money. You will not be happy, your work will tell. If you have to pay the bills, you can take a “temp” job paying the bills while you start a freelance writing business. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If you can’t start making at least $10,000 a month right away, don’t give up. If you really want it to happen, it will happen.

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