Make Money Using Your Freelance Skills

Importance of English

There is no room for error and almost all jobs in this field are for someone who can write in English. So if you’re not, you must either be a native English speaker or speak and write English very well (like in my case). If you know you don’t speak English well, don’t even consider it. If you can write in perfect English, the next step is to search for a freelance website online. You can easily find some really good people with lots of buyers (or employers), and that’s what you want. It’s free to sign up and the sites are easy to use, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

Project and Essay Writing

It’s a good idea to have a portfolio of 10-15 400-word essays even before you start looking for a project to work on. Choose a different topic for each topic and use a few keywords within each topic to structure your article. Include a main keyword in the title and make sure the title is interesting and grabs the reader’s attention so that they read your article to the end. Make sure you use the keyword at least multiple times but not too often as you can’t have too many keywords in the same article.

Job’s Searching

You don’t have to create this portfolio, but if you do, you have a better chance of getting a job. Then you can search for jobs that you think will suit you. It’s a good idea to start with a small project, but it’s also important to write well so that the employer will give you more work. If you are really good and deliver items to employers or buyers on time, you will keep getting jobs from them. You basically become their unofficial worker.

Things not to do

That’s all it takes to become a freelance writer and get paid to write. You should stay away from certain things. First, don’t take on projects you’ve never heard of. It’s difficult to start learning a topic and still have articles ready on time. You’re going to waste a lot of time and money on a project like this, so I’d recommend sticking with a project with a more general theme. Finally, make sure your items are always unique and that you always follow the buyer’s directions for each item. If you do that, you will find it easy to get paid writing jobs and continue to get them.

Full-time job or Hobby

Whether you want to pursue writing as a full-time job or just as a hobby, you have many options. Just make sure you do some research on the person or company you agree to write for to make sure it’s a genuine offer and not someone who’s taking over your writing and directing it.

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