A Career Guide For Freelancers

There are no magic bullets, formulas. Those of us who see this can only smile, because it all starts with a strong will to succeed. Freelancing is a lifelong career. The Internet has made “freelance” a lucrative career accessible to almost anyone with specialized knowledge. With guidance and plenty of practice, success as a freelancer is more likely than it was before the internet. Online freelancers can offer a comfortable salary with hard work and long hours.

I created the acronyms SKIN, GOAL, and LEVEL to help you remember the quick start guide. Please learn acronyms as they are useful milestones. This is your life’s work.

Stage 1: S-K-I-N

•Be able




Set up your G-O-A-L

• Create a product/service

• Systematize the business

• Increase sales

• To success

Stage 3 – upgrade

• Cooperation

• Give to receive

• Promote yourself

• Sponsorships and Offers

• Simple life

Stage 1: S-K-I-N

Stage 1 forms your career foundation. By identifying your talents, skills, and interests, you may discover conditions, concerns, limitations, or deficiencies. With practice, you can determine the strength and consistency of future improvements. We develop your network after assessing your skills, knowledge and interests.


1) Create 3 columns titled ABILITY, KNOWLEDGE and INTEREST. Make a list based on the following criteria.

2) After researching the checklist, select one item from each column.

3) End as below.

4) Brainstorm a freelance business idea.

Be able

These abilities are “God-given”. These are innate abilities. What can you do without money, friends, education, etc.?

Is it a drawing with attention to detail?

Can you tell a good story

Travel log?


Self learned?

Make kids laugh?

Mathematical genius?


Is it easy to grow flowers?


“Expertise” This is niche specific information. Sunset Photography, Furniture Design, Copywriting, Wood Painting, Basketry, Animal Husbandry, Interior Decorating, Flower Arrangement, Bread Making, Software Programming, Web Design, Business Plan Creation, Video Production, Online Marketing, SEO Creation and more. Expertise.

We do not always support our many years of experience. Knowing how to care for the elderly or cook for a diabetic child is expertise.


A lifelong interest can keep us busy. We are looking for an interest that will make you lose track of time. Passionate interest is therapeutic and energizing, but you may not get great results.

As you complete your personal assessment, identify the following career-building steps. Relax…

God-given skills

Professional knowledge


Example 1:

Writing is a God-given skill.

Salad cooking is a job.

Passion for “backyard gardening”

You can blog about growing garden vegetables. Discuss soil preparation, shade or sun-loving plants, etc. List your tools. Videos will delight readers. Request advertising sponsorship. Create a book called Garden Salad Recipes. Distribute free e-books to blog subscribers with ads for olive oil, vinegar, mayonnaise and more.

Example 2

Talented: Sales

Computer repair professional

Like “computer games”

Write computer game reviews and get online advertising sponsorship. Age-Appropriate Advice You can also write about upgrading your hardware for better gaming performance. Work with computer vendors. Build and sell online software packages.

Example 3:

A gifted talent: teaching

Publishing is expertise.

Enthusiasm for “kids”

Illustrators and authors can be taught to create engaging textbooks for children. A random poll is proposed to see which book young people choose based on the cover etc. make a video You can rate and improve children’s books. Publishers pay for the results before sending the prototype to print.

Feel free to introduce your freelancer to help you visualize yourself in motion. Many things change as you gain more confidence in your goals and vision. You can advance your career by focusing on your God-given skills, specific knowledge, and passion.

Lesson 2 of our freelance guide is all about networking.

You can’t expand your network until you know your S-K-I-N. If yes, please check:

•God-given talent

•Professional knowledge

•Passionate interest

•Make money network

Your network is the buyer (if you’re looking at a multi-level network, your network can be defined as the level of people you sell to).

Your network defines you. If you sell a get rich without work program, you will attract people looking to make a quick buck without working. If you sell online casino memberships, you will attract people who would rather gamble than work. No network is “wrong”. is a choice.

Build your N by promoting your S-K-I. Starting a blog is the quickest way. Popular blogs are the easiest and most affordable way to showcase your skills, knowledge and interests around the world. This is the only way you can attract like-minded people, quickly build trust and turn your S-K-I-N into a sales machine. In phase 2 we discuss how to build a network according to your business plan. Now let’s complete the first stage.

Example from Lesson 1:

• Writing is a God-given skill

• Specialties are “salad recipes”

• Interest is “backyard gardening”

Moneymaking NETWORK is a list of buyers interested in Salad Recipes, Salad Dressing Combos, Seasonings, Organic Fertilizers and Gardening Tools.

Business plan idea:

Blog about growing garden vegetables. Discuss soil preparation, shade or sun-loving plants, etc. List your tools. Videos will delight readers. Request advertising sponsorship. Create a book called Garden Salad Recipes. Distribute free eBooks with ads for olive oil, vinegar, mayonnaise, concoctions and more to blog subscribers. Sell ​​other items. Build an online store.

Where do you get what you want to sell from? Phase 2 of our freelancer guide covers everything step by step.

S-K-I-N conclusion? fulfill? Can you see the big picture and experience the excitement of the business? If your S-K-I-N inspires you, you’re on the right track.

Your future depends on your S-K-I-N. Small changes can alter a company’s prospects. As we use your skills and talents, you must also address your weaknesses. Working alone can create lazy work habits that you can’t get rid of once you get hired. Earn money every day.

Assess yourself before phase 2. Spend as much time as possible. Participate in hobby clubs, forums, seminars and lectures.

Blog to practice writing. You might be inspired by reader comments. Your communication skills will improve as you create your own plan.

Flash. Imagine it’s 2020. where to go? Do you run a small job or a business? Will you continue to develop the network? Will you continue to build on or redeem the opportunity and reap the benefits?

These questions are at the beginning of career planning. Without a goal there is no planning.

Why freelancers with God-given talents?

God-given abilities are always with you. It’s yours too, don’t ask. This gift must be given to you for a reason, no one else. You have to use it wisely.

It is sensible and practical to plan a career with this in mind. Freelancers get lonely. Work friends can go, projects can go awry, expenses can be delayed, and your business can go broke overnight. If you don’t have friends, money or other resources, you can always count on your talent. A job based on a divine ability that remains stable no matter how many times you fall.

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